Web on Mission supports local businesses by helping them present a professional web presence. It is fun and challenging. It also provides me with a unique opportunity to support local and distant ministries with websites that communicate a message. Please feel free to look at the sites I am associated with and leave a comment.

Mission Statement

Building websites and branding materials to support small businesses in their mission to reach their target market.

Carrying out the mission statement above enables me to fulfill my personal mission statement of using the gifts, talents and passions that God has given me to support ministries around the world as they share the gospel. Read more here.

(Not so) Short Bio

As a young girl, I wanted to be three things when I grew up. Someone who pushed buttons (I loved it when we got a new remote control for the TV!), a dancer and a missionary. In some ways, I am all these things. I love working on my computer. Just ask my kids. I get to push buttons and make things happen. My passion for marketing began in high school with inspiration from two great business teachers. I loved the way marketing helped the business find out how to meet customers’ needs and wants. Studying business and marketing in college continued to push me to see how God also desires to meet our needs and wants – in fact He created them so that we could delight in Him. My favorite college professor helped me connect my desire for missions with my passion for business and marketing. I began doing graphic design as a college intern and loved it. After college I spent a couple of years doing mission work, all the while keeping my hand in graphic design and learning web design. Following my time overseas, I worked for a great company that offered ample opportunity to use and improve the skills I had to build websites and design magazine ads, flyers and 200+ page catalogs. Almost 10 years and 3 kids later, I stepped back from my job and began consulting as time allowed. Through this time, God has continued to keep missions strong in my heart and mind and in our family life. Oh, and I do get to dance regularly with my very handsome husband!

Fast forward a little. My youngest has started school, and now I have time to build my business. The consulting I have done for the past couple of years has paid for my time and resources and allowed me to donate the same amount of work to ministries that we love and support. Over time, an idea of the Web on Mission Marketplace has been born. Read more here. I am looking forward to seeing what happens next as I continue to pursue what God has called me to for now.

Here is a link to my resume if you are interested in the timeline and work experience details.

If you are looking for help with a website, print media, branding, or email marketing, I would love to partner with you to help you reach your target market. Contact me here.


Resources Used

There are so many great CMS (Content Management System) options available. They allow for the creation of a great looking custom site while granting easy access for the owner to update their own information. A few of the open source tools I use are WordPress, Drupal, mySQL, & PHP.

Print media is also invaluable today even in our digital world. It is important to brand a company and to keep the brand consistent in all media uses. I enjoy using the Adobe suite of products to create logos, newsletters, business cards, t-shirts and other promotional materials for businesses and ministries.