I have been doing web and print design for 15+ years. The last five years I have concentrated on the girls and just kept my hands in the web and print design market on a consulting basis for fun more than money. As my youngest has started school, I have taken some of the ideas that have been cooking and began putting them into play. This is where Web On Mission Marketplace was born.
My web design business is called Web on Mission. I have a great passion for ministry and the spread of the gospel. I also love working on my computer and developing websites that communicate brand identity well for small businesses. I studied marketing in school and have always loved finding the target market for a business and helping to develop a presence that will communicate clearly what they have to offer. My goal with developing websites has been to make enough through work for local businesses that I can give by helping ministries with their websites. The last couple of years I have been able to break even – meaning I have given as much design as I earned. My expenses were paid by the work I did for pay to take care of the work that I donated. This is a fun business model and I am only able to do this because God has blessed our family with a wonderful husband and daddy that is able to work and supply for our financial needs. Thank you to God and Mike!
Over time, a marketplace idea was born. I desired to see friends able to sell their wares and control the look of their own website. At the same time, I would like to see ministries be supported and given a platform. Why not combine the two efforts?
Web on Mission Marketplace offers small businesses a website to sell their products with a 3.5% of each sale going back to the Ministry Partner of the month. The ministry partner sends out an email and social communication to it’s own supporters during the month to inform of the stores that are supporting. The small businesses are exposed to a new set of supporters each month and the ministry receives not only financial support but also the exposure to a new set of businesses and their regular shoppers. It’s a win – win for both small businesses and ministries.