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Living Sent

Living Sent Missions was founded in 2011 as a 501c3 ministry by founders John Anthony (Tony) and Melissa Luther. The inspiration for the development of LSM is the Biblical teaching that Jesus Christ is sending out all believers to live “sent” for Him where they are and to the utter most parts of the world. It is the calling of all Christians to share the good news of Jesus Christ, not just an elect few like pastors and missionaries. LSM gives Christians from all the United States and Canada the opportunity to live “sent” in the Dominican Republic and LSM teaches new believers in the Dominican Republic how to live “sent” for Jesus Christ right where they are.

Melissa and Tony are friends. They are serving in the Dominican Republic. I have enjoyed praying and supporting them. In the past year, I have helped them a little with their website. They use WordPress and choose their own theme. They update and change the information often. My only involvement is tweaking the theme or site for their use and then communicating the changes and teaching how to use the website.

This website has been archived and is no longer available. This post has been left here as a part of the portfolio.


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October 16, 2014

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